Netins Software is a software development company located in Wroclaw, Poland. We are specializing in creating web and mobile applications. It is worth to mention that we concentrate on logistic and insurance industries. Mainly because our founding fathers ( and WDB Group) run such businesses. In spite of all we do not shut ourselves only on this industries.
We should call ourselves a young, full of passion team that creates miracles. However, we think it’s better to show our projects than just talk about them...
So, check them up!

Please, focus on Netins Academy - our authorial learn and work program.

We are building

Future programmers:
Build. Ship. Repeat - it is so simple to create apps. Anyone can do that - one may say. We follow that rule in our Academy.

We invite young people to our office, give them 3 months and wait until they grow. After those three months, we hire them and we Build. Ship. Repeat TOGETHER. Interested in Netins Academy? Feel free to contact us.

Web apps:
Is there anything we cannot do? We don’t think so.
But you are welcome to test us ;)

Our tech allows us to create apps on iOS and Android.


Our team got a task to create a...job platform for TSL industry. Our aim was to:
- (simple) connect drivers with company owners
- (difficult) connect future drivers with company owners
- (almost impossible) help future drivers to find and connect with company owners.

It is needless to say we DID IT. Right on schedule. The project took about 5 months and was shipped in march 2017. The app succeeded. One of our TransJobs' mate talked about the project on Polish TV.

Used technology:
PHP (framework: Symfony), JavaScript, jQuery, NodeJS, Gulp, Sass, Bootstrap, Ajax, RabbitMQ.

Number of Netins Academy Alumni in project: 3


Do you need some help with the project?

Have an idea, find difficulties with ongoing projects or maybe you just wanna chat with us. Call us, write or however you wish - just contact us. We will be happy to hear from you.

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There are small, simple projects and ones that look Everest alike. Trans for Shippers was one of those giants. How can you otherwise name a project that: connects whole European TSL industry, works for 30k unique users and hits 100k visits per day?
Once again needless to say: WE DID IT. Right on schedule. With 16 other teams.
Imagine that feeling that our team had on THE DEPLOY DAY...We felt:
> Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Used technology:
React, Redux, ES6, RxJs, Zend Framework, Apigility, Doctrine, RabbitMQ

Netins Academy

Finally: Our biggest pride! Our Academy. As you can see we build and ship products. But that's not all. That doesn't give us enough satisfaction and pride. We dream bigger. We've got a desire to make our mark on the world!

We want to create developers! We want to share our knowledge! We want to teach how to code! We want no money for that! We want to pay for learning! And we want to give jobs above all!

Within the 3-month course, we want to prepare one to become a developer. Lessons are free of charge and we give students some pocket money for that. And, most of all, we want to welcome our graduates on our board!
Sounds crazy? If yes, academy is not for you. If you, as we, find it brilliant, please, join us! Maybe we could do it in your country?

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